4 Letter Baby Girl Names

Popular 4-Letter Girl Names

Most Popular Names

Your search for adorable 4-letter girl names is over, as you have stumbled upon some of the most popular short names that celebrate individuality and grace. Among the top baby names for girls, you’ll find:

  • Emma: An old Germanic name meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’
  • Mila: A Slavic name for ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’
  • Ella: A name of English origin meaning ‘fairy maiden’
  • Nora: An Irish name meaning ‘honor’ or ‘reputation’
  • Aria: A name meaning ‘air’ or ‘song’

These names have a mix of elegance and simplicity that will suit your little one perfectly.

Top Baby Names

If you’re interested in the upper echelon of short baby names, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top 4-letter girl names in alphabetical order:

  • Alia: Noble
  • Alma: Kind, nourishing
  • Anna: Grace
  • Cora: Maiden
  • Leah: Weary or tired
  • Lily: Pure, passion
  • Lucy: Light
  • Ruby: A precious gemstone
  • Zoey: Life

These names have proven to be crowd favorites, standing the test of time while maintaining their charm.

Unique Girl Names

Looking for unique name ideas for your baby girl? Here are some uncommon 4-letter girl names to ignite your creativity:

  • Asta: Love, star-like
  • Clio: A muse of history in Greek mythology
  • Echo: A mountain nymph in Greek mythology
  • Hero: A bold and courageous name for your little warrior
  • Ines: A form of Agnes, meaning pure or chaste
  • Orla: A beautiful Irish name meaning ‘golden princess’
  • Romy: Derived from Rosemary or the Latin name Romulus
  • Snow: A serene and peaceful name for your winter baby
  • Vida: Life, knowledge, wisdom
  • Zara: A name of Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning ‘princess’ or ‘radiance’

These unique four-letter names let your baby girl stand out among the common names and shine in her own light.

Name Origins and Meanings

Latin Origin

In Latin origin, some four-letter names you can consider for your baby girl are:

  • Luna: It means “moon” and has a beautiful celestial connection.
  • Alma: Derived from Latin, it means “soul” or “nourishing.”

Spanish Origin

For baby girl names with a Spanish origin, consider these options:

  • Rosa: A classic choice, it means “rose” and is often associated with beauty and elegance.
  • Mila: Although originally of Slavic origin, it is popular in the Spanish-speaking world. It means “gracious” or “dear.”

Hebrew Origin

Hebrew origin gives you some meaningful options as well:

  • Aria: A lovely name that means “beautiful melody.”
  • Ayla: With Hebrew roots, it means “oak tree.”

Greek Mythology

Greek mythology offers some strong and unique four-letter names for your baby girl:

  • Thia: It refers to the Greek Titan Theia, who was said to be the goddess of sight.
  • Iris: A classic Greek name associated with the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Japanese Origin

Japanese origin names can provide a unique and meaningful choice for your baby girl:

  • Aina: This name means “love” or “affection.”
  • Yumi: A popular choice in Japan, it means “beautiful archery bow” or “reason.”

English Origin

English origin names can be both classic and modern:

  • Jane: A timeless name that means “God is gracious.”
  • Zoey: A popular and trendy choice, it means “life.”

German Origin

For baby girl names with a German origin, consider these options:

  • Gwen: This adorable name means “fair” or “blessed.”
  • Aliz: A unique choice that means “sweet” with Germanic roots.

French Origin

French origin offers some elegant four-letter names:

  • Abby: Short for Abigail, which means “cause of joy” in Hebrew, but has become popular in French contexts as well.
  • Gabi: Originally a nickname for Gabriella, it can stand alone and means “a woman of God.”


Sanskrit-origin names often provide deep and insightful meanings:

  • Isha: A name meaning “Goddess” or “guardian.”
  • Mira: A beautiful name that means “ocean” or “limit.”


Irish-origin names bring the vibrant charm of the Emerald Isle:

  • Kira: A variation of Ciara, it means “dark-haired” or “dark.”
  • Nyla: Another variation, this one is derived from Niamh and means “cloud.”


Italian-origin names often have an elegant and melodious sound:

  • Bria: A creative and modern name that represents the Italian word “Briglia” or “bridle.”
  • Lila: With Italian roots meaning “lilac,” this floral name is both pretty and unique.


Indian-origin names offer a variety and richness:

  • Riya: A popular name in India, it means “singer” or “graceful.”
  • Veda: Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom.”


Scandinavian-origin names provide unique options for your baby girl:

  • Inga: A name of Norse origin, it means “guarded by the goddess” or “protection.”
  • Edda: With Old Norse roots, this name means “great-grandmother” or “poetry.”

As you can see, these four-letter baby girl names come from various origins, each with their unique meanings. The choice is yours, so explore these cultural roots and find the perfect name for your little one!

Names with Special Meanings

When choosing a name for your little girl, you want something unique and special. In this section, we’ll explore some beautiful, meaningful, and extraordinary four-letter girl names.

Beautiful Names

Here are some great options for beautiful four-letter names:

  • Lily: Inspired by the delicate flower, this name signifies purity and grace.
  • Cary: This English name means ‘pure’, making it a lovely choice for your young girl.
  • Bell: Of English origin, this name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘bell ringer’.

Meaningful Names

These unique four-letter girl names have significant meanings:

  • Alma: A Latin-origin name meaning ‘kind’ and ‘nourishing’.
  • Amel: This name represents ‘hope’.
  • Beth: Of English origin, this name means ‘God is my oath’.

Nature-Inspired Names

If you want a name inspired by nature, consider these options:

  • Luna: A Latin name meaning ‘moon’, perfect for a little girl who will light up your life.
  • Aria: Representing a melody or song, this name celebrates the beauty of music and art.
  • Avah: A name with a meaning of ‘bird’, perfect for a free-spirited small bird in your life.

Strong Names

For strong girl names, these are some great choices:

  • Arya: Of noble origin, this name signifies strength and honor.
  • Anne: This name means ‘grace’, imparting a sense of dignity and poise.
  • Asma: With a meaning of ‘high status’ and ‘supreme’, this name exudes confidence.

Mythology-Inspired Names

Derived from mythology or legend, these names have a touch of mystique:

  • Alys: A variation of Alice, this name signifies ‘noble’.
  • Assi: This name means ‘fair’ and ‘beautiful goddess’, drawing inspiration from ancient legends.
  • Avia: With a meaning of ‘God is my father’, this name carries an air of divine ancestry.

Remember to trust your instincts and choose a name that feels right for your little girl. With these four-letter girl names as inspiration, you’ll surely find the perfect one that will resonate with you and your family.

Choosing the Perfect Name

Matching Middle and Last Names

When picking a 4-letter first name for your baby girl, consider how it pairs with her middle and last names. A shorter first name might go well with a longer middle or last name, creating a balanced and harmonious sound. For example, suppose you have a long last name like “Anderson.” A short name like “Emma” might pair well in that case.

Unisex and Gender-Specific Names

As you explore 4-letter girl names, you’ll come across both unisex and gender-specific options. Unisex names, like “Aria” or “Arya,” might suit your preference if you like names that work for both girls and boys. Alternatively, you might prefer more traditionally feminine names like “Jane” or “Gwen” to clearly identify your child’s gender.

The Sweet Spot

Looking for a 4-letter baby girl name might be the sweet spot when it comes to name length and syllables. The United States Social Security Administration suggests that shorter names are quite popular. One-syllable names like “Bryn” (a Welsh name for “hill”) and “Alma” (a Latin name meaning “soul” or “nourishing”) set your little girl apart while still feeling cute and well-known.

Names for Your Little Girl

Finding the perfect name for your baby girl can seem overwhelming, but you’re in the right place. Here are a few more 4-letter girl names and their meanings to inspire your decision:

  • Anya – Grace, melody
  • Asta – Love, star-like
  • Assi – Fair, beautiful goddess
  • Avah – Bird
  • Avia – God is my father

In summary, your 4-letter baby girl’s name should be a reflection of your taste and preferences. Consider middle and last names, syllable count, gender specificity, and origin for a comprehensive list of options. Whether it’s a name inspired by an American actress or one of Scandinavian origin, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect name for your little girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular 4-letter names?

Some popular 4-letter girl names you might consider include Emma, Abby, Jane, and Gwen. Emma has a Germanic origin and means ‘whole’ or ‘universal.’ Abby is a short form of Abigail with a Hebrew origin meaning ’cause of joy.’ Jane has an English origin meaning ‘God is gracious.’ Lastly, Gwen comes from Welsh origin meaning ‘fair’ or ‘light.’

Short girl names with meaning?

There are plenty of short girl names with meaningful origins. Take, for example, Alma, a kind and nourishing name, or Aria, which symbolizes air, song, or melody. Anna or Anne, both of which mean ‘grace,’ can also be lovely choices. You can also consider Arya, which signifies nobility.

Unique 4-letter girl names?

For unique 4-letter girl names, consider options like Alys (a variation of Alice meaning ‘noble’), Avah (meaning ‘bird’), or Remi (which has French origins and means ‘oarsman’ or ‘remedy’). Another option could be Zola, a name of Italian origin meaning ‘lump of earth.’

Trendy 4-letter names?

Trendy 4-letter girl names include Nora, Mila, Zoey, Ayla, and Bria. Nora is an Irish name meaning ‘light,’ while Mila is a Slavic name meaning ‘gracious’ or ‘dear.’ Zoey is of Greek origin and means ‘life.’ Ayla comes from both Hebrew and Turkish origins, meaning ‘oak tree’ or ‘moonlight,’ respectively. Finally, Bria has a Celtic origin meaning ‘strong’ or ‘noble.’

Rare 4-letter girl names?

For rare 4-letter girl names, consider names like Assi, a name of Norse origin meaning ‘fair, beautiful goddess,’ or Asta, meaning ‘love, star-like.’ You can also explore options like Lula, an English name meaning ‘famous warrior,’ or Nell, an English name meaning ‘bright, shining one.’

Cute 4-letter names?

When it comes to cute 4-letter girl names, consider options like Cora, with a Greek origin meaning ‘maiden,’ or Thea, another Greek name meaning ‘goddess.’ You might also like Lila, which has both Arabic and Sanskrit origins meaning ‘night’ or ‘play,’ respectively. Finally, consider Remy, a name of French origin meaning ‘oarsman’ or ‘remedy.’

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