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Irish Names That Mean Queen

Have you ever considered Irish names that mean “queen” for your little bundle of joy? Irish baby names carry a rich historical and cultural significance and can set your child apart with their uniqueness. Delving into the world of Irish female names can be an enchanting journey through folklore, mythology, and ancient tales.

One of the enchanting aspects of Irish names is their connection to the world of mythology, legends, and deities. Names that carry the meaning of “queen” generally hold royal and powerful undertones, and these baby girl names often exude grace and elegance as well. By giving your child an Irish name representing a queen, you’re not only connecting them to their cultural heritage but also setting a high standard for them to aspire to.

In this article, we will explore some of the most captivating Irish baby girl names with meanings related to royalty. Embrace your child’s Irish roots and add an element of regality to their name with these unique and treasured monikers.

Understanding the Importance of Irish Names

Celtic and Gaelic Origins

Irish names have deep cultural roots, originating from the ancient Celtic and Gaelic languages. Old Irish, the earliest form of the Irish language, dates back to around the 6th century. It later evolved into Middle Irish and Modern Irish, which is spoken today. Many contemporary Irish names have retained their unique Gaelic spellings and pronunciations, reflecting Ireland’s rich linguistic history.

The meanings behind Irish names often hold great importance, as they are deeply intertwined with Irish culture and folklore. For example, names that mean “queen” are derived from Irish legends and mythology, showcasing the strength and resilience of the people of Ireland.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Irish names carry a sense of historical and cultural significance, as they often represent stories, legends, and traditional values from Ireland’s past. Names that mean “queen” often point to powerful female figures in Irish history and mythology. For instance, Medb (also spelled Maeve) was a legendary queen of Connacht, frequently referred to as a “warrior queen” in Irish mythology. Her name is closely associated with strength, power, and leadership.

The continued use of these names helps to preserve Ireland’s unique cultural heritage, and the rise in popularity of Irish names worldwide reflects a global appreciation for their beauty and significance. Naming a child with an Irish name that means “queen” can be a way for parents to honor their cultural roots or to pay tribute to the strong, empowering female figures of Irish history.

In summary, Irish names that mean “queen” hold a special place in the hearts of those who embrace their Celtic and Gaelic origins. The historical and cultural significance of these names are invaluable, as they tell the remarkable stories of the people of Ireland and keep their heritage alive.

Popular Irish Girl Names with Queenly Meanings

Irish baby names are known for their unique meanings, often reflecting power, beauty, and elegance. In this section, we’ll explore popular Irish girl names that have queenly meanings, perfect for your little princess.


Maeve (pronounced Mayv), originally spelled Medb, is a popular Irish girl name with royal roots. This name means “intoxicating,” referring to the mythical Queen Maeve of Connacht known for her power and allure. The name Maeve is considered both beautiful and distinct, making it a standout choice for an Irish baby girl name.


Niamh (pronounced Neev) is an Irish girl name that has become increasingly popular over time. The name’s meaning is derived from the Old Irish word “niam,” which translates to radiance or brightness. Although Niamh doesn’t directly mean “queen,” this name is associated with a noble and powerful figure in Irish mythology, Niamh of the Golden Hair, who was the daughter of a sea god.


Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) is one of the most popular and well-loved Irish girl names, meaning “beauty” or “radiance.” While Aoife’s meaning isn’t directly related to a queen, this name has strong connections to Irish legends and goddesses, such as the warrior queen Aoife of the Children of Lir. Given its strong and beautiful meaning, Aoife is perfect for a little girl with queenly aspirations.


Eimear (pronounced EE-mer) is another beautiful Irish girl name that has a powerful and queenly association. With Latin origins, Eimear means “swift” and is linked to the legendary Irish Queen Eimear, wife of the great warrior Cú Chulainn. As a unique and elegant name, Eimear is a great choice for parents who want to embrace the richness of Irish history.


Grainne (pronounced Grawn-ya) is a traditional Irish girl name meaning “grain” or “corn,” representing abundance and prosperity. In Irish mythology, Grainne was a beautiful and powerful goddess, who was also known as the queen of the harvest. This name’s association with both beauty and strength makes Grainne a fitting choice for a baby girl name with queenly connections.

So, whether you’re looking for a name that reflects the beauty, power, nobility, or elegance associated with a queen or goddess, these popular Irish girl names are excellent choices to consider for your little princess.

Uncommon Irish Names with Royal Connotations


Áine is a rare Irish name with royal origins, as it is associated with a Faerie Queen in Irish legend. The name itself has connections to the Celtic goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty. Áine is often used for girls, but it could be considered for boys as well.


Orla, or Orlaith, is another Irish name with royal connotations, meaning “golden princess.” This name has been used by various queens and princesses in Ireland’s history, making it a fitting choice to represent nobility. It works as both a first name and a nickname.


Ciara, a name derived from the Gaelic word “ciar,” which means dark, has historical ties to an Irish saint that some might associate with royalty. St. Ciara was a respected figure during medieval times, and the name carries a sense of refinement and elegance. Although predominantly used for girls, it could make for a unique boy’s name as well.


Caoimhe, pronounced “kwee-va,” is an Irish name that means “beautiful, gentle, and precious.” These qualities align with what one might perceive of a queen, adding a touch of royalty to the name. It’s still relatively rare, making it an interesting choice for those seeking an uncommon name with royal flair.


Saoirse is a uniquely Irish name that means “freedom” or “liberty.” Although it doesn’t directly translate to “queen” or other royal titles, the name holds powerful connotations related to independence and self-determination. It’s a name that has gained some popularity in recent years, but still remains relatively uncommon.

Exploring Further Irish Name Meanings and Their Origins

Patron Saints and Historical Figures

Irish names often have connections with patron saints and historical figures. For example, Brigid is an ancient Irish name derived from “brígh,” which means strength, and it honors Saint Brigid of Kildare, the patroness of Ireland. Other names, like Brian Boru and Rory, originate from renowned leaders in Irish history. In fact, Brian Boru was a famous High King of Ireland, and Rory is associated with various powerful rulers in medieval times.

Fairies and Mythological Characters

Some Irish names take inspiration from magical creatures and stories. One such example is Fionn, which is derived from the legend of the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill. Another example is Rhiannon, a name borrowed from Welsh mythology, which may have some connections with Irish fairy lore. Names like Áine and Diarmuid also derive from tales involving fairies and mythological characters.

Names with Elements from Nature

There are Irish names with elements borrowed from the natural world. For instance, Clodagh refers to a river in Ireland, while Fiadh represents “wild” or “wildlife.” Names such as Ailbhe, which means “white,” and Blathnaid, translating to “flower,” also embrace natural themes.

Influence from Other Cultures

Irish names have not only drawn inspiration from their native roots but also from various foreign sources. Names like MonaFiona, and Aoife have roots in Scotland and England, while others like Aubrey and Mira were brought to Ireland by Anglo-Norman settlers. There are also some names, like Juno and Malik, which have Greek and Arabic origins but still resonate within the Irish naming tradition as they are trendy and classic choices.

To summarize, Irish names can be traced back to a rich tapestry of history, mythology, nature, and international influences. This array of inspirations weaves together to form an incredible collection of diverse and meaningful names that continue to be popular both within Ireland and the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Gaelic word for queen?

The Gaelic word for queen is “banríon.” This term is used to refer to a female ruler or sovereign in the Irish language.

Which Irish names mean warrior queen?

One Irish name that means warrior queen is “Méabh” (pronounced mayv), also spelled as “Medb” or “Maeve.” Maeve was a legendary warrior queen in Irish mythology, known for her fierce and powerful character.

Are there modern Irish names meaning queen?

Yes, there are modern Irish names that carry the meaning of a queen. Names such as “Ríona” (meaning little queen) and “Orlaith” (meaning golden sovereign) are contemporary Irish names linked to the idea of a queen.

What are some Irish names linked to royalty?

Many Irish names have connections to royalty, either through history or mythology. Some examples include “Orlaith” (golden sovereign), as mentioned before, and “Eithne” (meaning kernel of a nut or seed, as well as the name of an Irish saint and the daughter of an Irish king), and “Róisín” (little rose, a name with historical links to Irish royalty).

Are there Irish names meaning princess?

Yes, there are Irish names with meanings related to a princess. One example is “Síle” or “Sheila” (both pronounced shee-la), which means “heavenly” and has connections to Irish princesses in history. Additionally, “Sara” is an Irish name that translates to “princess” or “queen.”

What’s a beautiful Irish name associated with queens?

One beautiful Irish name associated with queens is “Juno” (pronounced joo-noh). Juno is a modern Irish name that means “young woman” or “queen of heaven” and is linked to ancient mythology as the wife of Jupiter and the goddess of marriage and childbirth.

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