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Emmett: Irish Baby Boy Name Meaning and History

Emmett Name Origin

Hey momma! Have you fallen in love with the name Emmett for your little handsome? Here is a guide to help you decide if it’s the right first name for your growing family.

Irish Origin

The name Emmett has Irish roots, making it a popular choice for parents to consider when naming their baby. In fact, it ranks high among popular Irish boy names. As a traditional Irish name, it has both a strong and a gender-neutral connotation. The meaning of this name in Irish is “universal,” reflecting its appeal to people of various backgrounds.

German Origin

Emmett also has origins in Germany, as it derives from the Old German “Erm,” meaning “universal” or “whole.” This gives Emmett a sense of strength and determination, making it an excellent choice for a baby’s first or middle name. As a popular boy’s name with Germanic roots, it bears similarities to other classic names from the region.

English Origin

In addition to its Irish and German origins, Emmett has a connection to England as an old English surname. The name might have derived from the female name Emma, or the place called Emmott, Lancashire (now known as Laneshawbridge). This connection to an ancient location gives Emmett a sense of history and tradition.

In the 19th century, Emmett was a common surname in the United States, making it a popular option for parents seeking a name with historical significance.  Emmett has also been associated with notable figures in popular culture, such as the American Civil Rights Movement, and the classic Irish writer, Oscar Wilde,  adding to the appeal of the name.

Throughout its history, the name Emmett has remained a popular choice in English-speaking countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland. With its rich Irish, German, and English roots, Emmett is a versatile and interesting name for any baby boy or girl. Just remember to consider its various origins and meanings when choosing this beautiful and unique name for your little one!

Emmett’s Name Popularity

Popularity in the United States

Emmett has become a popular name in the United States in recent years. According to the Social Security Administration, Emmett ranked 185th in name popularity last year. You may notice that this timeless, gender-neutral name has a classic sound and continually gains attention in the country.

Popularity in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, your beloved name Emmett is also gaining popularity. As of 2022, it ranked 653rd among baby names in England. With its strong Irish roots and connection to the name Emma, it’s easy to see why many parents in the UK find this name appealing.

Popularity in Other English-speaking Countries

While I couldn’t find exact rankings for other English-speaking countries, Emmett has made its presence known worldwide. In countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, you can find many little Emmetts running around. Thanks to the influence of popular culture, such as the Lego Movie character named Emmett, the name has gained even more traction.

Famous Namesakes and Fictional Characters

As someone interested in the name Emmett and its Irish origin, you might also want to learn about some famous namesakes and fictional characters with this name. This section is divided into three sub-sections for easier exploration: Historical Figures, Celebrities, and Fictional Characters.

Historical Figures

  • Emmett Till: A name you might be familiar with, Emmett Till was a 14-year-old African American boy who was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955. His death became a significant event in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.


  • Emmett Kelly: One of the most famous clowns in history, Emmett Kelly created the character “Weary Willie.” Kelly was a circus performer and worked in film as well, entertaining audiences with his iconic sad-faced hobo clown persona.

Fictional Characters

  • Emmett Cullen:*swoons* Fans of Twilight, rejoice! One of the most prominent fictional characters with this name is Emmett Cullen, a vampire and member of the Olympic Coven in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. He is described as a strong, compassionate, and loyal character.
  • Emmett “Doc” Brown: For those who enjoy science fiction and time travel, you may remember Emmett “Doc” Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy. Doc Brown, portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, is an eccentric inventor known for his creation of the time-traveling DeLorean.
  • Emmet Brickowski: Finally, for fans of animated films, there is Emmet Brickowski, the protagonist of The Lego Movie. Emmet is a friendly construction worker who becomes an unlikely hero when he is mistakenly identified as the “Special,” someone destined to save the Lego universe.

Meaning and Symbolism

Irish Meaning

The Irish meaning of the name Emmett is tied to the great Irish orator and patriot Robert Emmet. This name is given to boys in Ireland as a mark of respect, commemorating the leadership he displayed during the unsuccessful 1798 rebellion against the British.

German Meaning

Emmett has its roots in Old German, where it was derived from the word “Ermaht,” meaning “universal.” Over time, the name evolved into “Emmet” before becoming the modern spelling of Emmett.

English Meaning

In English, Emmett is considered a masculine version of the female name Emma. Often seen as a strong, determined name, it carries a sense of strength, courage, and leadership. Additionally, Emmett is associated with intelligence and wit.

Hebrew Meaning

Emmett shares a connection to Hebrew characters, specifically the word אמת (emét), which translates to “truth”. This adds another layer of depth to the name’s meaning, symbolizing honesty and integrity.

Alternative Meanings

  • Little church: Some sources suggest that Emmett can also mean “little church.” This interpretation adds a sense of community and spirituality to the name.
  • Man of prayer: Another alternative meaning for Emmett is “man of prayer,” further emphasizing the spiritual and pious aspects of the name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Emmett’s origin?

The name Emmett has Irish origins and is derived from the name Emma. It has also been connected to the place of Emmott, Lancashire in England.

Is Emmett a Hebrew name?

Yes, Emmett may indeed have Hebrew roots. It is believed to be connected to the Hebrew word אמת (emét), which means “truth.”

What is the popularity of the name Emmett?

Emmett is a fairly popular name, ranking at 185 on popularity charts. It has been around since the 14th century and has gained recognition in modern times through various TV shows and movies.

What are some similar names to Emmett?

If you want a name that shares the same meaning as Emmett, take a look at some options below:

  • Emery: A name of Germanic origin, meaning “industrious” and “ruler.”
  • Amos: A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “strong” and “carried.”
  • Eamon: An Irish name, meaning “wealthy protector.”

Any middle name ideas?

Middle names can complement Emmett well. Some ideas include:

  • Emmett James
  • Emmett Michael
  • Emmett Alexander
  • Emmett William
  • Emmett Thomas
  • Emmett  Benjamin

Choose a middle name that flows well with your last name and feels right to you!

Is Emmett a Scottish name?

Although Emmett has connections to England and Ireland, it is not specifically a Scottish name. The name has a universal appeal, making it suitable for families of various backgrounds and traditions.

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