Names That Mean Raven

Raven Names Origins and Meanings

English Origin

In English origin, the name Raven comes from the Old English word hraefn which means “dark-haired” or “wise”. It is traditionally a female name and is mostly popular in the southern states of the US among African-American families. Some nicknames for Raven include Ray, Rae, Ray-Ray, Ravie, and Ven.

Welsh Mythology

In Welsh mythology, the name Bran derives from ford of the crows, which is associated with a mythical figure known as Bran the Blessed. Bran is considered to be a symbol of raven in Welsh mythology, often linked with peace and wisdom.

Irish Mythology

From Irish Gaelic origins, the name Fechin means “little raven.” It is a unique and sweet-sounding name that reflects the enchanting essence of Irish mythology.

Scandinavian Origin

In Scandinavian origin, the name Bartram is a boy’s name meaning “bright raven.” This name represents the integration of Old German elements with a Scandinavian twist.

Celtic Mythology

Within Celtic mythology, the name Brennus has Latinized roots and possibly means either “king, prince” or “raven.” Brennus was a Gallic leader who attacked and sacked Rome in the 4th century BC.

Old Norse Hrafn

In Old Norse, the name Hrafn directly translates to “raven.” It is often used to represent war or battle ravens in ancient Nordic culture and mythology.

Latin Origin

From Latin origin, the name Corbin is an English surname derived from corbeau, which means “raven.” Originally, it denoted a person who had dark hair, symbolizing the ravens’ dark feathers.

Japanese Origin

In Japanese origin, the name Yatagarasu represents a divine mythical three-legged crow or raven. This creature is known as the “crow mother spirit” and is believed to symbolize divine intervention in human affairs.

American Baby Names

Among American baby names, Kiari is a modern and unique name that means “raven.” It is a sweet-sounding name that reflects the charm and personality of a raven.

Icelandic Name

In Icelandic origin, the name Hrafnkell is composed of the Old Norse elements “hrafn” (raven) and “ketill” (kettle). This name translates to “raven kettle” and refers to a bold and fierce individual, much like the ravens of Nordic folklore.

Now, you have a wide range of raven-related names from various origins to choose from, each with their own unique meanings and stories behind them. Embrace the allure of these raven-inspired names and discover the wisdom and beauty associated with these dark-feathered creatures.

Types of Raven Names

Raven-inspired names can be intriguing and unique. Whether you’re looking for baby boy names, girl names, or gender-neutral names, here’s a list of raven-themed names for your consideration.

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Raven – A straightforward and popular name that means “young crow.” This name can be fitting for a child with dark hair or an affinity for these birds.
  2. Kairi – A beautiful name with Japanese origins, meaning “bird.” This unique name can be used for any child regardless of gender.
  3. Raben – A variant of the word raven itself, Raben is a Germanic personal name derived from the Jewish name Robin.

Girl Names

  1. Corva – This lovely name is derived from Latin and means “raven” or “crow.” A great way to give a nod to the raven while still maintaining a feminine touch.
  2. Branwen – A Welsh name meaning “blessed raven.” This name has a strong but delicate quality, perfect for a baby girl.

Boy Names

Here are some raven-related boy names, each with their own unique origin and meaning:

  • Beltran: Meaning “bright raven”, this Spanish name has a confident presence.
  • Bertram: A German name that translates to “bright, famous raven”, giving your baby boy a prestigious air.
  • Bertrand: Similar to Bertram, this German name also means “bright raven.”
  • Brainard: With English origins, this name means “courageous raven”, perfect for an adventurous little one.
  • Bram: A Scottish name meaning “raven”, this one is short, sweet, and strong.

Now that you have this list of raven-inspired names, you can choose the perfect one for your baby, whether you’re looking for a masculine name, a feminine name, or a gender-neutral option. Enjoy the process and cherish the beauty in each of these unique names!

Unique and Meaningful Raven Names

Literary and Mythological Names

If you’re a fan of literature or mythology, there are some fantastic raven-inspired names for you to consider. In Welsh mythology, Bendigeidfran means “blessed raven” and has a bold, unique sound. Another strong option is Hawk, which is directly inspired by the bird and has a mysterious, masculine vibe. Your child (or pet) will stand out with these names that reflect strength and intensity.

Nature-Inspired Names

For those of you who appreciate the beauty and symbolism of nature, there are many bird names related to ravens. Zitkala, a Native American name, means “little bird” and captures the essence of a raven. If you prefer a name that explicitly embodies the raven, consider Raven Meadow or White Raven. These names bring to mind the elegance of the bird of the night and its intriguing qualities.

Creative and Uncommon Names

For those looking for more unique, standout names, there are plenty of options for both baby boys and girls. Here are a few options to spark your creativity:

  • Bartram (Scandinavian origin) meaning “bright raven”
  • Beltran (Spanish origin) means “bright raven”
  • Bertram (German origin) means “bright, famous raven”
  • Bertrand (German origin) meaning “bright raven”

These creative names evoke strength, intelligence, and a spirit of adventure – perfect for your newborn baby or even a pet raven, if that’s what you’re naming!

Remember, when choosing the perfect name, it’s important to consider the meaning and symbolism behind it. Ravens are often associated with wisdom, mystery, and transformation. By selecting a name that captures the essence of these majestic birds, you’ll be giving your child (or pet) a unique identity that reflects an intense inner life and connection to the natural world. So, go ahead, explore these names and choose the one that resonates the most with you and your loved ones.

Names that Sound Similar and Related

Names from Different Cultures

Here are some names with raven-related meanings from various cultures. Some of these names can be a great choice for your baby or even as a middle name. You’ll find that these names come from different origins like Old High German, Old French, and Scandinavian.

  • Beltran (Spanish origin): This name means “bright raven” and has a strong presence.
  • Bertram (German origin): Meaning “bright, famous raven,” it was a popular name a century ago.
  • Kairi (Japanese origin): While it means “bird,” its raven associations can come from its dark hair connotations.
  • Faodhagain (Irish origin): With this name meaning “raven, battle,” it can be perfect for someone as fierce as the great queen in Irish folklore.
  • Wolfram (Old High German name): It means “wolf raven,” combining the qualities of two powerful creatures.

Names with Similar Meanings

If you’re looking for names that convey a similar essence or meaning while offering some variety, consider the names below. These options can be great as first or middle names and may remind you of a raven, without being directly related to the bird.

  • Raven Island: Derived from a famous poem, this name has an association with both the majestic bird and a sense of mystery.
  • Eagleram (Old English): Though not commonly used, this name means “a virtuous eagle” and shares similar bird symbolism as the raven.
  • Ingram (Old English, Scandinavian origin): Meaning “raven of peace,” this sophisticated and strong name is only shared by one in 4,090 boys, making it a unique choice.
  • Alba (Latin origin): A name for girls meaning “white,” Alba can symbolize the opposite of a raven’s dark appearance and be used as a counterpart to a name like Raven.

Remember, when selecting a name for your child, it’s essential to consider both the meaning behind the name and the way it sounds. By exploring raven-related names and those with similar meanings, you can find a unique and meaningful name for your little one.

Raven Names in Pop Culture and History

Famous People with Raven Names

As you might know, some famous people go by names that have a connection to ravens. When you think of ravens in pop culture, Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic poem, “The Raven,” might come to mind. While the poem’s famous line “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore'” has inspired many artists and writers, the raven itself has been represented through various names in different cultures and mythologies.

  • Bran – A mariner in Irish Mythology, Bran mac Febail is said to have been on a quest to find the Otherworld. His name means “raven” in Irish.
  • Apollo – In Greek Mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy, and were believed to be messengers from the gods.

Fictional Characters with Raven Names

Many fictional characters throughout history have been named after ravens, drawing on their symbolic meanings. Some of the most notable characters include:

  • Eric Draven – He is the main character from “The Crow” movie, a story about love and vengeance. Draven’s name is derived from the Germanic word meaning “raven.”
  • Raven of Anglia – Found in Norse mythology, the raven of Anglia is considered a powerful symbol representing the Norse god, Odin. Odin is often depicted with ravens Huginn and Muninn as messengers.
  • Raven – A character from the popular US television show “Teen Titans” and the comic “Teen Titans Go!”, she is a dark and brooding hero with magical abilities tied to her emotions. While Raven’s character doesn’t directly reference the bird, her name adds to her mysterious and powerful persona.

In literature, movies, and even popular US shows from J to P, raven-related names and themes appear consistently. They bring with them a rich history and symbolism, often reminding us of the darker, more mysterious aspects of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Raven-related surnames?

Your child’s name may also reflect your own family’s history or heritage. There are several surnames related to ravens, such as Corbin, derived from the Latin “corvus” which means “raven,” and Corby, an English surname meaning “dark as a raven.”

What are some names meaning blackbird?

If a raven-inspired name isn’t quite right for your child, you might consider a name related to blackbirds. Levenie, a Tongan name, is one option. Additionally, you can look into other names with meanings related to birds or other animals to find the perfect name for your baby.

What about Norse raven names?

Norse mythology is rich with raven symbolism, most notably with Odin’s ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). Odin entrusted these ravens to fly across the world and bring back knowledge to him, making these names especially meaningful for a child you hope will value wisdom and learning.

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