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Girl Names That Mean Fox

The Meaning of Fox Inspired Names

Fox inspired names carry a sense of cleverness, resourcefulness, beauty, and elegance, making them perfect choices for your little one. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of nature-inspired, Japanese culture, and Native American fox names, ensuring that your baby’s name will have a unique and meaningful story behind it.

Nature-Inspired Names

Nature-inspired girl names often embrace the fox’s cunning and intelligent attributes, as well as their connection to the natural world. Here are some unique fox-inspired options for your consideration:

  • Lomdi: A name with Hindu origins meaning “fox,” suitable for both girls and boys.
  • Rudy: A gender-neutral name with German origins meaning “famous wolf.”
  • Azeria: A Basque girl’s name meaning “fox,” alongside a Hebrew meaning of “helped by God.”

These names help to capture the essence of the natural world and the remarkable qualities of the fox.

Names from Japanese Culture

Japanese culture carries a deep respect for the fox, and these names showcase the animal’s admirable attributes:

  • Kimi: With Cherokee Native American origins, this gender-neutral name means “secret fox.”
  • Kitsune: This popular name directly translates to “fox” in Japanese and is often associated with magic powers from Japanese folklore.

Choosing a Japanese-inspired name for your baby girl allows her to connect with a unique and rich culture that values the fox’s wisdom and beauty.

Native American Names

Native American girl names that embody the fox’s spirit provide a strong and meaningful choice for your child. Here are some options for you to explore:

  • Inali: A gender-neutral name of Native American origin meaning “black fox.”
  • Enoli: A name with Cherokee origins meaning “black fox.”

With these names, your little one will carry the profound history and connection to nature that is integral to Native American culture.

Remember, finding the perfect name for your baby girl is an exciting journey. Fox-inspired names offer a unique flair, capturing the essence of this resourceful and intelligent animal. By exploring nature-inspired, Japanese, and Native American options, you are sure to find a fox-inspired name that will suit your little one perfectly.

Popular Girl Names with Fox Meanings

Japanese Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for Japanese baby girl names, here are a few that mean fox:

  • Suiko: This beautiful name means “water fox” or “water child.” It’s perfect for a girl who may grow up to be as graceful and quick-witted as a fox.
  • Kumi: Meaning “young fox” or “red fox,” this Japanese name offers a playful and feisty vibe for your little one.

Irish Origins

Moving to Irish origins, consider these fox-related names for your baby girl:

  • Sionnach: This Celtic name is gender-neutral and means “fox.” It’s a unique choice to bestow your daughter with the spirit of the clever fox.
  • Madigan: Also of Irish origin, Madigan means “little red fox” and can be charming for a girl with red hair or a fiery personality.

Cherokee Names

For fans of Native American names, particularly from the Cherokee Nation, these are some fox-inspired names:

  • Inola: This Cherokee name means “black fox” and has a strong, noble connotation. If you’re looking for a name with a mysterious, dark twist, Inola is a great choice.
  • Siyala: Meaning “fox” in several Native American languages, Siyala is another beautiful name option to consider.

No matter what, your baby girl will undoubtedly grow up to exhibit the grace, charm, and cunning of a fox with names inspired by this wonderful animal.

Names Inspired by Popular Literature and Movies

Characters from Fantastic Mr. Fox

If you’re a fan of the charming tale of Fantastic Mr. Fox, you could consider some names inspired by the female characters in the story:

  • Agnes: A minor character in the book, Agnes is a sweet and timeless name.
  • Mrs. Fox: While not given a first name in the story, you might want to craft a moniker based on this clever and supportive character.

Names from Japanese Literature

With their rich literary history and beautiful language, finding a name inspired by Japanese literature and culture is a great choice for your little girl:

  • Kit: A gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means “fox.”
  • Yoko: A popular female name in Japan, meaning “child of sunlight” or “ocean child.” You can find this name appearing in several Japanese literature works.

If you want more unique or fox-inspired Japanese names:

  • Kitsune: The Japanese word for “fox,” often used to describe mythical fox spirits in Japanese legends. However, it may be more suitable as a middle name due to its uncommon nature as a first name.
  • Akemi: A beautiful Japanese name meaning “bright beauty.” This name is often used in both traditional and modern Japanese literature.

Names from Other Popular Media

If you’re looking for a name for your little girl that’s more connected to popular culture outside of literature, here are some fox-inspired options:

  • Lisa: A Russian girl’s name that means “fox.” Found in various forms of media, this name peaked in popularity during the 1960s in the United States.
  • Azeria: A Basque girl’s name meaning “fox.” Additionally, it’s a Hebrew female name meaning “helped by God.”

Remember, when choosing a name for your baby girl, make sure it’s something that resonates with you and holds personal meaning. Good luck on your journey to finding the perfect fox-inspired name!

Unique Names for Different Personalities

Names for Girls with Red Hair

If you’re looking for a beautiful name related to red hair, consider the names below for your baby girl:

  • Lisa: A Russian name meaning “fox,” this name was widely popular in the 1960s. It has since declined in use, but still carries a vintage charm.
  • Madigan: An adorable name of Irish origin that means “little red-haired one.” This unique name is sure to make your little girl stand out.

Names for Girls with Unique Personalities

For girls with unique personalities who need a name to match, consider the following options:

  • Volpie: An Italian-origin name meaning “the foxes,” Volpie is an unusual name that embodies the spirit of a sly, cunning fox.
  • Kit: A name of Japanese origin which also means fox. This name can be used as a standalone or a shortened version of other names. It’s a perfect fit for a girl with a unique personality.

Names for Girls with Special Meanings

If you’re looking for names with deeper or special meanings, these may be an ideal choice:

  • Enoli: This name means “black fox” in Cherokee. It’s a beautiful name that will make for an intriguing conversation starter.
  • Sionnach: An Irish-origin name, Sionnach is a common surname and has modern appeal. It makes a perfect choice for boys and girls alike.
  • Kitsune: A gender-neutral word in Japanese meaning “fox.” This name captures the essence of the animal and can be used for a girl who brings good luck.
  • Inola: A name from Cherokee origins, meaning “black fox” or “water fox.” It is another beautiful option that covers multiple colors of foxes and associations with nature.

As you explore these names, think about which one might be the perfect choice for your new baby girl or future pet. Enjoy the process of choosing a unique and meaningful name for the little one in your life! Just remember to always select a name that truly resonates with you and your child’s personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some native American fox names?

Inali is a gender-neutral name of Native American origin that means “black fox.” It’s a unique and meaningful name choice for your baby girl.

Any names meaning arctic fox?

A beautiful name inspired by the arctic fox is Isa, which means “ice” in Old Norse. While it doesn’t directly mean “arctic fox,” it captures the essence of the frosty Arctic habitat of these beautiful creatures.

What’s a badass name for a fox?

A badass name for a fox is Reyna, an English name that means “queen.” It’s a strong and powerful name that embodies the cunning and intelligence of a fox.

Names with silver fox meaning?

A name with a silver fox meaning is Argenta, which comes from the Latin word “argentum” meaning “silver.” Although not explicitly related to foxes, the name captures the idea of a sleek, silver creature.

Know any mythical fox names?

A popular mythical fox name is Kitsune, which is a Japanese name for a mythical fox spirit known for its wisdom and magical abilities. Another option is Tamamo-no-Mae, a mythical fox spirit in Japanese folklore.

Popular girl fox names in other languages?

A Russian girl’s name meaning fox is Lisa. Azeria is a Basque girl’s name that means fox. In Korean, Yeou means “fox” and can be given to a boy or girl. Lomdi, a name suited for a girl or boy, means “fox” and has Hindu origins.

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