Names That Mean Pearl

Origins of Pearl Names

Greek Origin

In Greek, the word margarites refers to a pearl. Many names that derive from Greek origin and mean pearl are linked to this root word, like Margaret and Margarita. These names, along with their variations, reflect the beauty and value of pearls in ancient Greece.

English Origin

For an English name, consider Pearl itself. Derived from the Old English word perle, it is a traditional and widely recognized name that has been associated with innocence and purity. Other English names include Regina, which emphasizes the royalty and elegance associated with pearls.

Indian Origin

In India, there are several names with pearl-related meanings. For instance, the name Mukta translates to “liberated” or “pearl” in Sanskrit, a symbol of spiritual freedom. Another popular choice is Ratna, which means “gem” or “pearl” and is used to indicate a precious nature.

Arabic Origin

For an Arabic pearl-inspired name, Jumana means “silver pearl” and evokes the beauty and richness of the Arabic culture. This name is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the elegance and rarity of pearls in Middle Eastern traditions.

Irish Origin

In Irish culture, the name Mairéad is derived from Margaret, which in turn comes from the Greek word margarites. Mairéad shares the same meaning, “pearl,” and represents the connection between Irish and Greek pearls.

Japanese Origin

In Japanese culture, Mikimoto stands out as a famous name that honors the founder of the Mikimoto Pearl Company, who revolutionized the cultivation of pearls. Ruri, another Japanese name, means “lapis lazuli” – a blue gemstone that often resembles a pearl.

Scandinavian Origin

From Scandinavian origin, the name Margareta is another variation of Margaret and means “pearl.” This name reflects the appreciation for pearls in the northern European region.

Latin Origin

The Latin origin offers a unique option – Perla. Derived from the Latin word perla, this name directly translates to “pearl” and has a charming, timeless quality.

Spanish Origin

In Spanish, Perla and Margarita also mean “pearl.” These names are popular choices in Hispanic cultures for their classic and elegant connotations.

German Origin

From German origin, the name Greta is a short form of Margareta and therefore has the same meaning: “pearl.” This name not only captures the beauty of pearls but also the strength and grace often associated with German names.

United States

Finally, in the United States, various cultural origins come together to influence pearl-inspired names. Names like MargotMargo, and Margaux are English variations of the Greek-originated Margaret and represent the diversity of pearl names in the US.

Popular Pearl Names

In this section, you’ll find an assortment of beautiful and popular names that mean pearl, which could be the ideal choice for your little one. We’ve organized the names into several categories for easier browsing, showcasing female names, unisex names, baby boy names, Muslim baby names, and Hindu boy names.

Female Names

Here are some lovely female names that hold the significance of “pearl”:

  • Margaret: A popular name meaning “pearl,” with variations such as Margot, Marjorie, and Greta.
  • Mae: A diminutive of Mary or Margaret, meaning “bitter” or “pearl.”
  • Jumana: An exotic name meaning “silver pearl.”

Unisex Names

These unisex names are suitable for both baby boys and girls:

  • Dar: A Hebrew name that translates to “pearl” and is used in Arabic and Asian countries as well.
  • Chau: A simple yet elegant Vietnamese name meaning “pearl.”

Baby Boy Names

Here’s a list of baby boy names that carry the pearl essence:

  • Bindusar: Of Indian origin, meaning “an excellent pearl,” associated with the son of the famous emperor, Ashoka.
  • Bergin: An Irish origin name meaning “mountain dweller.”
  • Bearach: A strong Gaelic name meaning “spear.”

Muslim Baby Names

These Muslim baby names carry the pearl-inspired meaning:

  • Abdur: An Arabic name meaning “the luster of pearls.”
  • Abu Lulu: Another Arabic name meaning “father of a pearl.”
  • Abul durr: Similar to Abu Lulu, meaning “father of pearl.”

Hindu Boy Names

Finally, here are some popular Hindu boy names holding the essence of pearls:

  • Airi: A popular Japanese name meaning “love affection with jasmine, pearl.”
  • Ananta: A name that signifies both “limitless” and “pearl,” providing a beautiful dual meaning for your baby boy.

Remember to consider a variety of names that represent pearls when selecting your baby’s name. Don’t be afraid to explore different cultures and languages, as there are many options for the latest baby names that you might find intriguing and meaningful.

Meanings and Symbolism

Child of Light

Child of Light is an elegant name meaning for the pearl. Pearls softly reflect light, creating a beautiful glow that is reminiscent of the moon. Embrace the uniqueness of this name meaning pearl by choosing a name that represents the gentle shine of this precious gem.

Small Pearls

Names derived from Small Pearls reflect the delicate and lovely nature of these tiny gems. Like small pearls, your baby will be treasured and cherished for their beauty and rarity. Find a unique name that embodies the charm and wonder of small pearls.

Diminutive of Margaret

Some names that mean pearl are actually derived from the name Margaret. Margot, for example, is a French diminutive of Margaret, which originates from the Greek word “margarites,” meaning pearl. By choosing a name related to Margaret, you’re paying homage to a classic name with a rich history and connection to the meaning of pearl.

Gem of the Sea

Celebrate the oceanic origins of pearls with a name that means Gem of the Sea. Pearls are formed inside mollusks in saltwater and freshwater environments, and their beauty has captivated people for centuries. A name inspired by this symbol represents rarity, elegance, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Bitter Pearl

The Bitter Pearl may sound unconventional, but it encapsulates the trials and tribulations that a pearl undergoes before it reveals its stunning beauty. By giving your child a name that means Bitter Pearl, you acknowledge the challenges, growth, and resilience experienced by both humans and these beautiful gems.

Precious Stone

Lastly, names that mean Precious Stone encompass the value and rarity of pearls. As one of the oldest and most sought-after gems, pearls have been a symbol of wealth, wisdom, and refinement. By choosing a name that signifies Precious Stone, you’re embracing the true essence of what a pearl represents.

As you explore names that mean pearl, reflect on their unique meanings and the beautiful qualities they share with your child. The pearl’s symbolism of wisdom, purity, and strength can inspire a name that is both meaningful and beautiful for your little one.

Cultural Significance

Different Cultures

Pearls have been embraced across various cultures worldwide, and the gemstone’s beauty and rarity have inspired many names connected to it. Each of these names has its unique flavor, and the cultural significance of the name depends on its language and origin.

Vietnamese Origin

In Vietnamese culture, the name Ngọc holds a special meaning as it represents the gemstone “pearl.” By naming your child Ngọc, you connect them to the rarity and beauty of pearls, a highly valued gemstone throughout history.

Scottish Origin

The Scottish name Maisie is a diminutive form of Margaret or Mary, both of which have a meaning connected to “pearl” or “bitter.” Choosing this name reflects the unique combination of Scottish culture and the precious pearl.

French Origin

The French name Margot is a diminutive of Margaret and also holds the pearl’s meaning. This elegant and timeless name ties your child to both the beauty of French culture and the gemstone pearl, sharing in their rich historical significance.

Italian Origin

In Italian, the name Margarita is a variation of Margaret. Although it is also a popular cocktail, Margarita has a strong connection to the meaning of “pearl” in Italian language and culture. By choosing this name, your child will have a unique and beautiful reminder of their heritage and the pearl’s timeless value.

Naming Considerations

When choosing a name that means pearl, there are several factors you can consider to make the perfect choice for your precious newborn baby. In this section, we’ll explore some of these factors to help you make an informed decision.

Middle Name

Combining a first name with a meaningful middle name can create a lovely pairing. For example, you could choose a first name that means pearl and pair it with a middle name related to good fortune or luck.

Popular Names

There are plenty of popular names that mean pearl. Some of these include:

  • Margaret: A classic name with variations like Maggie, Margot, or Megan.
  • Bindusar: An Indian origin name meaning “an excellent pearl.”
  • Dara: A name that signifies “pearls of wisdom.”
  • Jumana: A name meaning “silver pearl.”

Consider choosing a popular name if you’re looking for a well-known option with a trusted history.

Ocean Themed Names

Giving your baby an ocean-themed name can be a beautiful tribute to the pearl’s natural habitat. Some ocean-themed baby names include:

  • Marina: A name that means “from the sea.”
  • Sailor: A modern ocean-themed name for boys and girls.
  • Coral: A beautiful name representing marine life.

Japanese Culture

Pearls have a special place in Japanese culture, symbolizing beauty and good fortune. The Japanese language has several names related to pearls that you might find interesting:

  • Mikimoto: The surname of the inventor of cultured pearls and a unique name option.
  • Akoya: Referring to a type of saltwater pearl found in Japanese waters, Akoya is a distinctive choice.
  • Miyuki: A beautiful name that means “beautiful pearl.”

Gemstone Names

Pearls are just one of the many beautiful gemstones, and by choosing a gemstone-inspired name for your baby, you’re honoring an entire world of natural beauty. Some other gemstone names include:

  • Amethyst: A rich purple gemstone symbolizing spiritual awareness and protection.
  • Jade: A green stone symbolizing purity and harmony.
  • Opal: A vibrant gemstone believed to enhance creativity and inspiration.

As you make your way through pregnancy and approach welcoming your newborn, keep these naming considerations in mind. Whether you choose a classic name, an ocean-themed option, or a meaningful gemstone-inspired moniker, finding the perfect pearl-inspired name can bring joy and good fortune to your little one’s life.

Combining and Altering Names

Classic Names

When it comes to classic names that mean pearl, you may consider Margaret as it has a long history and is closely linked to the meaning “pearl.” Mary and its diminutive form, Mae, are also associated with pearl. These classic names can be combined or altered by adding prefixes or suffixes to create a unique combination for your child.

Cool Names

If you’re searching for cool names with the meaning of pearl, you can find inspiration in different languages and cultures. For instance, the Vietnamese gender-neutral name Chau means “pearl.” Another option is Dar, a Hebrew name with the same meaning. You can experiment with name blending by combining parts of existing names or simply modifying them to fit your taste.

  • Chau: A gender-neutral Vietnamese name meaning “pearl.”
  • Dar: A Hebrew name meaning “pearl.”

Pet Form of Margaret

Margaret has several pet forms, and many of them still carry the special meaning of “pearl.” Some of the popular pet forms of Margaret include Meg, Maggie, and Greta. You can create a unique combination by incorporating these pet forms with other names or words with related meanings.

Here are a few examples:

  • Megara: A blend of Meg and the Greek name Hera.
  • Maggie Pearl: A simple addition of the word “pearl” to the popular pet form Maggie.
  • GretaMar: Combining the pet form Greta with the beginning of Margaret.

As you explore various classic names, cool names, and pet forms of Margaret, remember that your creativity is the limit when it comes to combining and altering names. The meaning of this name is associated with pearls, providing a sense of elegance and beauty to these names. By blending and combining different elements of these names, you can create a unique and special name for your child.

Famous People with Pearl Names

Meghan Markle

You might be surprised to learn that Meghan Markle, the former Hollywood actress turned royal family member, has a name that means “pearl.” Meghan is a derivative of the name Margaret, which has its origins in the Greek word “margarites,” meaning “pearl.” Meghan rose to fame for her role in the TV show “Suits” and later gained more prominence when she married Prince Harry, becoming the Duchess of Sussex. Although she may be known for her style and humanitarian work, you can now also appreciate the pearl-like significance of her name.

Risa Niigaki

Risa Niigaki, a Japanese pop singer and former member of the popular girl group Morning Musume, also has a name related to pearls. Her first name, Risa, is the Japanese word for “pearl.” Niigaki joined Morning Musume in 2001 and had a successful career with the group before graduating in 2012. Since then, she has pursued a solo career, focusing on music and acting. The next time you listen to some of her tunes or watch her on stage, remember that her name carries the elegant connotation of a pearl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pearl names in other languages

You might be interested in knowing the pearl names in other languages. For instance, in French, the name Margot is derived from Margaret, which means “pearl.” In Vietnamese, the name Chau means “pearl,” while in Hebrew, Margalit translates to “pearl.” Exploring other languages can provide you with an interesting range of pearl names to consider.

Boy names meaning pearl

Looking for boy names related to pearls? You can consider names like Bindusar, an Indian name meaning “an excellent pearl.” Bergin, an Irish name, is another option, although it means “mountain dweller,” it is still associated with pearls. Keep in mind that some pearl names can be gender-neutral, so exploring those options may also yield some great choices.

Girl names linked to pearls

For girl names with a connection to pearls, you can’t go wrong with Margaret or its many variations such as Margot and Margaux. Leimomi, a Hawaiian name, means “pearl lei” or “pearl child.” Another great option is Lulit, an Amharic name that directly translates to “pearl.”

Biblical meaning of pearl names

Pearls hold a significant place in biblical symbolism. In the New Testament, pearls signify the kingdom of heaven and God’s wisdom. Therefore, names meaning pearls can be of great spiritual significance, reflecting purity, preciousness, and divine wisdom – qualities that you may wish to bestow upon your child.

Famous names with pearl meanings

Some famous individuals also have names linked to pearls. One notable example is Margot Robbie, an Australian actress known for her roles in movies like Barbie, Suicide Squad, and The Wolf of Wall Street. In history, Ashoka’s son, Bindusar, was a famous Indian emperor whose name meant “an excellent pearl.”

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