Irish Names That Start with K

Irish names have a rich history and are known for their unique spellings, pronunciations, and meanings. One of the distinctive aspects of Irish names is the wide variety of options that start with the letter “K.” This article intends to explore some of these fascinating names, diving into their origins, meanings, and the cultural significance they hold in Irish society.

Some popular Irish names beginning with “K” include Kennedy, Kelly, Kiera, Kiley, Kane, and Kathleen. These names frequently have Gaelic roots and convey a strong sense of heritage and tradition. For parents looking to honor their Irish lineage or simply appreciate the beauty and depth of these names, selecting an Irish “K” name can be a perfect choice.

Not only do these names showcase the rich tapestry of Irish culture, but they also provide a unique stance in today’s global melting pot of names. From unisex options like Keagan and Killian to more traditional names such as Kian or Kaitlin, there’s a vast selection to choose from when considering Irish names starting with “K.” So, whether you’re expecting a baby or just interested in the intrigue of these names, read on to discover their stories and flavors.

Popular Irish Names Starting with K

Kiera and Variations

Kiera is a popular Irish girl name that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. With its origins in the Irish name Ciarán, meaning “dark-haired,” Kiera is a beautiful and unique choice for a baby girl. There are various spellings and variations of Kiera, such as KiraCiara, and Kiara. These variations may slightly change the pronunciation or meaning, but each tells a unique story of Irish culture and history.

Killian, Kian, and Kane

Killian is a unisex Irish name that has both boys and girls proudly bearing the name. Derived from the Irish name Cillian, meaning “little church,” Killian has a deep connection to Irish spirituality and traditions.

Kian is an Irish boy’s name, originating from the ancient Irish name Cian, which means “ancient” or “enduring.” Parents choose this name for its rich history and strong connection to Irish heritage.

Kane comes from the Irish name Cathán, meaning “battler” or “little warrior.” This strong, masculine name is an excellent choice for parents looking for a unique and powerful Irish boy’s name.

Kennedy and Kelly

Kennedy is a unisex Irish name that works well for both boys and girls. This name has origins in the Irish name Ó Ceannéidigh, meaning “ugly head” or “wounded head.” Over the years, it has evolved into a popular choice for parents who want an Irish-inspired name that is also familiar in other cultures.

Kelly is another Irish unisex name that has seen widespread use for both boys and girls. The Irish name Ceallach is the origin of Kelly, meaning “war” or “strife.” It has a long history in Ireland and remains a popular choice for parents seeking an Irish name that is easily recognized and pronounced.

Unique Irish Girl Names

Kathleen and Variations

Kathleen is a popular Irish girl name that has various forms, such as Caitlin, Caitlyn, Caitlín, and Kaitlyn. This name has a Gaelic origin and means “pure” or “unsullied”. Kathleen has been quite popular in Ireland and the United States over the years, but has seen a decline in usage in recent times. Nonetheless, it remains an elegant and timeless choice for an Irish girl name.

Keela and Keira

Keela, also spelled as Caoilfhionn, is an Irish name meaning “slender” and “fair.” It’s a unique and beautiful name that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Another similar-sounding name is Keira, which is derived from the Irish name Ciara. Ciara has a rich history in Irish mythology and is known for being the name of a famous saint. Keira, meaning “dark-haired” or “black,” offers a modern and stylish twist on this historic name.


Kerry is a unisex Irish name that can be used for both girls and boys. Traditionally, it’s derived from the Irish word “Ciarraí,” which means “dark” or “black.” Kerry is also the name of a county in Ireland, making it a great option for those who wish to celebrate their Irish heritage. While it was quite popular in the 1970s and 1980s, Kerry remains a distinctive and charming choice today.


Keeley is another unique Irish girl name that means “slender” or “beautiful.” It originates from the Irish name Cadhla and is often spelled as Keely, Kealy, or Ceilidh. Keeley is a lively and energetic name that has a melodic ring to it, making it an appealing choice for parents looking for a name with a bit of flair.


Kasey is a modern Irish girl name meaning “brave” or “vigilant.” It is derived from the Irish name Cáit, and can also be spelled as Casey, Caycee, or Kacey. Kasey is a versatile name that works well for both girls and boys and has become increasingly popular over the years. With its strong meaning and contemporary sound, Kasey makes for a trendy and spirited choice for an Irish girl name.

Irish Boy Names and Their Meanings

Kieran, Kieron, and Keir

Kieran is a popular Irish name that means “little dark one.” It is derived from the Irish Gaelic name Ciarán, which shares the same meaning. Kieron is a variant spelling of Kieran, still having the same meaning. On the other hand, Keir is a Scottish name that originated from a Gaelic word meaning “dark,” making it a close relative to Kieran and Kieron.

  • Kieran: Little dark one
  • Kieron: Little dark one
  • Keir: Dark

Kevan, Kevin, and Kevyn

Kevin is another famous Irish name with a slightly different meaning. It means “kind” or “gentle” in Irish. The name comes from the Gaelic name Caoimhín, which is composed of two parts: “caomh,” meaning “kind” or “gentle,” and “gin,” which stands for “birth.” Kevan and Kevyn are variant spellings of Kevin that still share the same meaning.

  • Kevan: Kind or gentle
  • Kevin: Kind or gentle
  • Kevyn: Kind or gentle

Keagan, Keenan, and Keegan

Keagan is an Irish name that means “small flame” or “fiery.” It comes from the Gaelic name Egan, which is derived from “aodh,” meaning “fire,” and “án,” meaning “little” or “small.” Keegan is a variation of Keagan, sharing the same meaning of “small flame” or “fiery.” Keenan, on the other hand, is an Irish name meaning “ancient” or “distant.” It comes from the Gaelic name Cianán, which shares the same meaning.

  • Keagan: Small flame or fiery
  • Keenan: Ancient or distant
  • Keegan: Small flame or fiery

Irish Names with Christian and Slender Meanings


Kenneth is a name of Scottish and Irish origins. It is derived from the Gaelic name Cinaed, which means “born of fire” or “handsome.” In Ireland, it may also be found as Cainneach or Coinneach. Though not directly linked to the meaning ‘slender’, the name has Christian roots and is associated with St. Kenneth, an Irish monk who founded the monastery at Aghaboe.


Kiley is a classic Irish name derived from Caol or Caoil, meaning “slender” or “narrow.” It is a unisex name and can be spelled as Kayley, Kiley, or Keely. This name is popular for both boys and girls as it reflects the grace and elegance associated with the Irish culture.


Kylan is an Irish name that comes from Caelan or Cáelán, meaning “slender” or “narrow.” This name is mainly given to boys and demonstrates the beauty of the Irish language. The name Kylan bears a close resemblance to the name Kayley, giving it a unisex appeal.


Kayley, similar to Kiley, is derived from Caol or Caoil, meaning “slender.” It is a popular choice for girls due to its feminine sound and the grace it carries. The name Kayley can also be spelled as Kaylee, Kaley, or Kayleigh.


Kacey is another Irish name that means both “brave” and “watchful.” Though it doesn’t directly mean “slender” or “narrow,” it carries a sense of elegance and strength. Kacey is a unisex name and can be spelled as Kacee, Kaci, or Kasey.


Kayle shares its origin with Kiley and Kayley, coming from Caol or Caoil, and means “slender” or “narrow.” This Irish name is suitable for boys and girls alike and adds a unique touch to the list of names with slender meanings.

Other Irish Names Starting with K


Ciaran is a popular Irish name for boys. It is derived from the Gaelic word “ciar,” which means dark or black. This name has a unique and strong appeal, and it’s commonly used in Ireland and among those with Irish ancestry. Ciaran is an ideal name for parents seeking an Irish name that carries with it both tradition and a modern touch.


Ciara is a widely recognized and beautiful Irish name for girls. It is also derived from the Gaelic word “ciar” and shares a similar meaning to Ciaran – dark or black. Ciara is loved for its lovely, soft sound and connection to Irish culture. With its sweet sound and authentic flavor, Ciara is a top choice for many parents when considering Irish names.


Caoimhe is a distinctive and elegant Irish name for girls. It is derived from the Gaelic word “caomh,” meaning gentle, beautiful, or precious. This unique name is well-loved for its poetic and graceful sound, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a unique Irish name that is both meaningful and melodic.


Keelin is an Irish name that is suitable for both boys and girls. It is connected to the Celtic word “caol,” meaning slender or comely. Keelin is a versatile and attractive name with a modern feel. Parents who wish to pay tribute to their Irish roots while keeping their name choice contemporary will appreciate this snappy name.


Keera is an enchanting Irish name for girls. It is a variant of the Irish name Ciara, and shares the same meaning – dark or black. Keera is an alluring option for those seeking a name with a distinctive sound and strong cultural ties. This name’s charm and elegant simplicity make it a lovely addition to any list of baby names.


Kavan is a striking and powerful Irish name for boys. It is derived from the Gaelic word “caomh,” meaning gentle or kind, giving it a unique and appealing meaning. Kavan is a remarkable name for parents seeking a memorable Irish name that stands out from the crowd. Its strong sound and appealing meaning make it well suited for families with Irish lineage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular K-starting Irish girl names?

Some popular Irish girl names that start with K are Kiera and Kathleen. Kiera is a beautiful name that means “dark-haired,” while Kathleen is a classic name that represents “pure.”

Which Irish boy names begin with K?

Several Irish boy names begin with K, such as Kennedy, Kelly, Kane, and Kian. Kennedy and Kelly can be used for both boys and girls, while Kane and Kian are exclusively for boys.

Are there any unique K Irish last names?

While Irish last names typically do not start with K, Killian is an exception. As a last name, it is unique and holds historical significance as it is derived from the Irish word for “little church.”

Uncommon K Irish baby names?

Some uncommon K Irish baby names include Keagan, which is a unisex name meaning “small and fiery,” and Kylan, suitable for boys as well as girls, meaning “narrow or straight.”

Iconic K-starting Irish names?

One iconic Irish name starting with K is Killian, which can be used for both boys and girls. The name has its origins in the Gaelic word “Cillian,” meaning “church.”

Popular Irish K names for boys and girls?

Popular Irish names starting with K for boys and girls include Kennedy and Kelly, which can be used interchangeably for both genders. Other popular options are Kiera for girls and Kian for boys, each carrying their distinct meanings and charm.

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